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Admission forms are available at the School Office.

Parents or guardians are requested to fill in the admission forms with at most accuracy. Date of birth once entered can not be changed. Birth Certificate from the hospital where the child was born or from municipal authorities are to be produced for verification.

All the Original Documents/Certificates must be produced at the time of submission of Application Form.

It is the responsibility of the parents to see that the Application Form is complete and duly signed where needed in all respects. Incomplete/illegibly written/ overwritten/lack of supporting documents or certificates will Lead to rejection of the Application Form. False documents/incorrect information found at any time, even after admission, will debar the candidate from getting admission or pursuing studies.

All documents submitted at the time of admission will become the property of the school and will not be returned.

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Selection of the candidates will be done by a committee. No correspondence will be solicited regarding selection and admission of the candidate. Any recommendation, use of influence (Direct or Indirect), affer of donation, etc. will lead to the cancellation of the Application Form/admission of the candidate.
If selected, admission must be taken within the time given for admission, There after, The candidate will forfeit the chance for admission, Payment is made at the school counter by cash. The list will be put up on the school notice board.
Parents shall pay the fee prescribed or agreed upon and then increase , if any, on or before the due date.


Before withdrawing a student from school a month’s notice is to be given or a month’s tuition fee in lieu of the notice. This notice should bear Parent’s or Guardian’s Signature.
Transfer Certificate will be issued only after all dues to the school have been paid in full.
Transfer Certificate will be issued from the- school office on the Payment of a Rs. 250/- an application for the same must be submitted to the office, together with a clearance certificate giving at least 3 days notice Application should contain Roll No., year and month of Admission.


Irregular attendance,indiscipline, bad conduct or sickness, Liable to be injurious to other pupils, can Lead to dismissal of the pupil.
If a child fails to resume classes on the reopening of the new scholastic year or a major holiday Within six teaching days after reopening, He will be automatically deemed to have been Withdrawn and his name will be struck off the roll. Re-admission will be allowed only one availability of seat and on payment of admission fee.

Admission Fee

At Admission

Admission Fee
Development Fee
Building Fund Fee

Per month

Tuition Fee

Quaterly (Apr, JuLy, Oct & Jan)

Terminal Fee
Miscellaneous Fee
Establishment Fee
Computer Fee (Std.III)

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1.The School Tuition fee is chargeable for twelve calendar months and shall be paid by the 15th day of every month.
2.No reduction in fees is made for holidays or broken periods.
3.Pupils are liable to be charged full fee as long as their names are officially on the rolls.
4.Fees are to be paid before 15th of each month failing which a late fee of Rs. 25/- will be levied.
5.Pupils whose fees are overdue may be barred from sitting for examinations and are liable to have their names struck off the rolls. If dues are not paid by the expiry of the month re-admission will be on payment of re-admission fee a fresh. All dues must be paid up before each terminal exam, However early in the month it may be here Rule No. 6 does not apply.
6.All dues must be paid before the school closes for summer holidays.
7.School fees shall be charged as decided from time to time.

Documents required at Admission

1.Date of Birth Certificate (Municipal Corporation, Reg. Nursing Home or Panchayat)
2.Residential Address proof (Voter Card, Electric Bill or Telephone bill)
3.One passport size photo along with the parents
4.One passport size photo of the student.


Special attention is given to inculcate a high standard of moral values and discipline in the School. Parents & Guardians are requested to co-operate in this with the authorities of the school by ensuring regular attendance and punctuality of their wards and strict adherence to the rules of the school. If a student indulges in any serious mis- conduct, he/she will be liable to be expelled from school with immediate effect.


Private Transporters carry children to and fro from the school and the transport fees are collected by the transporters themselves. The School is not responsible for any accident on the way to or from the school or at the bus stop.


Summer - 7:25 a.m - 1:25 p.m
Winter - 8.10 a.m - 2.10 p.m

School Terms

The School Session is from April to March Scholastic year is divided into two semesters. First semester: April to September Second semester: October to March.