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Principal's Message

To inspire in every child a love of learning and the confidence to explore, grow and achieve as individuals

Choosing a right school is a crucial decision for parents to make. A decision that will shape the whole being of his/her life. However , before you make a choice, I would like to share a few things about our school.

St. Paul’s is a Co-educational English medium school established in 1981 by late MR. R.S. SHAH.

The school follows the ICSE curriculum and adopts, applies new trends and techniques that have arisen out of the recent changes in society, culture, science, communication & technology.

We aim at the all-round development of a child based on his/her unique capabilities

The children are equipped with excellent skills in-terms of their works, language, computers, sports and other activities. In other words the child develops the confidence to cope with the toughest challenges of advanced studies as well as life. Hence we at St. Pauls strive to accomplish these goals and wish to see our children reaching new heights.

Why Choose Us

Our Mission

  • Achieve academic excellence
  • Inculcate a sense of discipline and appreciation of all religions
  • Develop critical thinking to help understand the world around them
  • Make them sensitive to not only their own needs , but also to those less fortunate
  • Train them to acquire leadership qualities and a habit of cleanliness, order and sense of the discipline
  • Prepare them to be good and loyal citizens of our great country and to be proud of its heritage
  • Being a Christian minority school priority is given to Christian students and Christian values

St.Paul’s School follows ICSE syllabus.

The medium of instruction is English.Hindi is a compulsory subject and is taught with special emphasis. The course of studies is so formulated as to lay a solid foundation in the two languages (spoken as well as written) and in Mathematics. In the lower classes Arts and Craft, Music and Dance are integral parts of the Curriculum. As children progress in other subjects are introduced at appropriate level.

St.Paul’s School follows The ICSE syllabus.

The medium of instruction is English . Hindi is a compulsory subject and taught with special emphasis. The course of studies is so formulated as to lay a solid foundation in the two languages (spoken as well as written) . In the lower classes , arts and craft, music and dance are integral parts of the Curriculum. As Children progress other Subjects are introduced at appropriate level.



Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself

About Founder


Most respected and honourable Late Mr. Raphael Seraphim Shah, lovingly known as ‘Uncle’ by many does not need any introduction. Founder, Director of St. Paul’s School and St. Paul’s High School. An educationist – hard working and honest, proved that dreams can come true.

We fondly remember , from the core of our heart, our dearest uncle and reflect on his life history.

Raphael S. the Shah was born on 11th October, 1933 in Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar. He was brought up in Bettiah and studied in K.R High School. He had always been a sincere student since his early childhood days. He came to Patna to get his higher education. The Patna University honoured him with a gold medal for his outstanding performance in the M.Ed Examination.

Mr. Shah started working in the forest department after the completion of his studies, but God had some other plans for him. After two years of his service in the forest department, he joined the teaching service in St. Xavier’s School, Patna and then become the Vice Principal of St. Michael’s High School.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

It was in 1981, that he resigned from St. Michael’s and laid the foundation stone of St. Paul’s High School, which in the present is one of the best schools in Bihar. It is because of his farsightedness and direction that his students have been performing brilliantly in the Board Examination.

In today’s world, where the focus is on a greener planet, Mr. Raphael Shah had these thoughts long back, He encouraged people to plant trees without expecting to reap its fruits.

As an educator, our dearest uncle had not only inculcated discipline in students, but also instilled moral values which has brilliantly brought upon character building tools. He always gave priority to girl child education and he used to say “If a girl is educated the whole family is educated.” A great thinker, innovator and advisor, Mr. Shah had respect for every religion. He had a keen interest in Rabindra Sangeet. He propagated Universal brotherhood in the St. Paul’s family. He has always been a part of everyone’s happiness and sorrow. He always had a special place in his heart for poor and needy. Visiting old and sick people were a part of his weekly schedule. In the last days of his life, although he used to remain sick, he tried to bring about the zeal and enthusiasm in his work.

It was on 28th August, 2008 that Mr. Raphael S. Shah left for his heavenly abode.

Although he has left us, his inspiration and education is burning like a lamp in our lives. He will always live in our hearts.